La Garra Futbol Club

It is a professional soccer team that was born in May 2019. It emerged as a proposal of social aid for young people of limited resources living in the peripheral areas of the city of Guayaquil-Ecuador.

It is a project created with a lot of illusion, so that boys from marginal neighborhoods can materialize their dreams of becoming professional footballers. In addition, to improve their living conditions.

At the beginning, FBO VIP JETS, the main sponsor company, began supporting the players by providing them with sports equipment, balls and some basic elements they needed to train in their soccer schools. However, little by little, these small steps were getting firmer and firmer and what one day started as a dream, today is materializing professionally.

Currently LFC is a professional team of Second Category A, and has a short but very promising trajectory: in this short time the team managed to qualify within the professional category of Second A.

The players, who are the main soul of the team, work very hard, conscious of the responsibility of being professionals.

Currently the team is focused with all its efforts on a single objective: to achieve promotion to the Primera B.